Friday, September 9, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

What are your big plans for the weekend?  We're cleaning tonight...I know, so fun.

Tomorrow is long run day for the Hubs, and my first "Long Run"  I'm supposed to go three miles.  I think I'll go 4.5 instead so I can run from our condo to Chastain Park and back.  Only a few more weeks of running distances I'm used to and then it's gonna get interesting!

After that I'll meet Hubs and give him some refreshments, start baking, meet hubs again, and then take the dogs to the vet...

THEN, when I get back, I'll finish baking and getting ready for our Friends to arrive!  We're showing off our kitchen watching the USC/UGA game at our condo with a bunch of friends Saturday.  I'm really excited to have everyone over!  USC will obviously win though! Go Cocks!

Sunday I'm hoping will be a pool day... and craft day :-).

So since that is my plans for the weekend, and while they are very exciting it's also all I have to share with you, I thought I would send some random thoughts out in the world to see if anyone else thinks these things too... an "Am I Normal" of sorts.

  • There are certain grown adults who sound like they're wearing a diaper when they walk....
  • How do dogs collect so many eye buggers in a day?
  • Pollen sucks
  • Is it the instructor or the music that makes cycle class so awesome?
  • This week is National Waffle Week... I might make waffles for lunch tomorrow just to celebrate!
  • Does she look like she knows it's "her week"
  • I'm really enjoying this weather, but am I the only one that's sad summer is ending?  I think the kitchen distracted me from the August heat.  
That's it!

I'm making this and this for Saturday... wish me luck! 


Susie Q

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

Let me know how the pizza dip goes cuz I really want to try it!

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