Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I am stuck in a rut.

but it's not your typical rut

I'm not even sure "Rut" is the right word...

You see I'm reading all my bloggie friends' happy posts about how much they love fall and are so pumped for the season change. 


But it doesn't feel like fall yet. 

The leaves haven't changed.  It's still 84* outside.  I can't wear any cute fall clothes (not to mention a lot of my clothes from years past are too big or given away -- so I gotta work on that...).  I just don't feel it yet...

October starts this weekend... it's the month of pumpkin everything.

I hope this gets me into the season because right now I just feel too hot for it to be fall, but to silly in beachwear.

I want to feel like it's time for these things... 


So my mission next week (since I've got something on the agenda every day this week):

  • Make Pumpkin cookies
  • buy pansies for the flower pots (and plant said pansies) --- is it to late?
  • Find a scare crow for our stoop ... or something else fantastically fall that Husband will be OK with me spending dollar bills on. 

PS -- We got a new carpet and I'm scared to vacuum it... daisy's already pulled a piece of it and I'm scared it's going to get stuck in the vacuum like the old one did... is that silly? 

It's going to have to get vacuumed at some point right?

Susie Q


mdgNYC said...

that cowl is amazing! where did you find it? fall has arrived up here and i'm in need of something that cute to warm me up on my am walks to work.

Suzie Q said...

Hey! It's a pin on Pinterest, if you click on it you'll get to the site! Thanks for reading!!

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