Friday, September 16, 2011

What's On Your Heart

Today I'm linking up with Casey for her Friday series of "What's On Your Heart"

Have you ever wondered what other people think of you? What it would be like to meet yourself for the first time?

Not the superficial, she's pretty, or she's smart, or she's a itch with a capital B... but what they think when they leave you after your first meeting.  

Do they feel uplifted? Did I leave them with a "good" impression?  Do they see me as a woman of God? Can they tell if I'm a good wife, or at least have the intentions to be? A loyal friend? A trusted confidant? Do they see that I'm Happy?  Do they see that I'm passionate?  That I wear my heart on my sleeve?

I hope that these things are true.  

Wouldn't it be neat to be able to meet yourself.  To see yourself from the outside and know what impressions you are leaving on others hearts?  Or would it be convicting? Either way, that's what's on my heart today. 


Kathryn said...

love this...but dip??!!!!

My Songbook said...

I love people who wear their hearts on their sleeve. And it is so refreshing to be one of those people as well. I used to be afraid to open up, but "the truth shall set you free" is a phrase not only meant for liars, but for people who are not normally open with others. Good luck on your journey!

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