Friday, September 30, 2011


Oh how thankful I am today.

I have a great Husband who loves me so and is supportive and encouraging about pursuing my dreams.

A great steady job with a boss that's not too hard to work for.

A great opportunity with a wonderful, professional, and reputable company to pursue my dreams of planning weddings.

That Jesus spared me this weekend and did not let the forecast include rain for my first large on my own wedding... out doors... in the people's back yard... with large amounts of flowers, rentals, and food outside.  (You think I'm kidding, but I really am praising God for no chance of rain this weekend)

That the day will be mild, and the low will be cool enough that the party will move inside at a decent hour...

That all the vendors seem to know what they're doing

That my "assistant" for the night is one of the Partners in said company...

That my other assistant is my best friend

This is happening....

There are others on the books already.

I really am a wedding planner people!  Not just the assistant anymore!

Dreams can come true. 

PS... I'll stop this eventually... it's just so surreal! 

In other news

I'll be coordinating weddings all weekend.  Husband is playing Golf with my BFF's Husband cuz she's helping me... then Sunday both Husbands will sit on their respective couches and watch football for 10 hours...


I love some football in my life, but watching the redzone channel for seriously 6-8 hours straight is mind-numbly boring to me...

of course coordinating weddings would probably not be something Hubs would put in his fun column either...


Susie Q

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